Bitcoin, Volcanos and El Salvador – what is going on?

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El Salvador passed a law with supermajority to make Bitcoin, a vehemently popular cryptocurrency, legal tender. This decision goes into effect on the 7th of September after weeks of anticipation following president Nayib Bukele’s announcement of the same on Twitter during a global Bitcoin convention. While it sounds simple in theory, the decentralised nature of cryptocurrency, the volatility of markets and the fact that this is literally the first time a country has approved digital coins for day to day transactions make for an interesting discussion.

Biden, Harris and hope

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The past year has seen America come face to face with a series of events that rocked the very foundations of its democracy. Its struggles with the pandemic, its ever widening partisan divide, the distrust, the misinformation – all of America’s problems, its wounds are out in the open. The question that has to be asked is where does the nation go from here? How will the new presidency pan out?

Sunsets and storms.

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sunsets and storms

Tried something new today. Here is my first attempt at writing poetry 🙂
I know that even the strongest trees can be struck by lightning,
I know that even the sturdiest of boats can fall to the raging sea,
That picturesque sunsets are also shadowed by darkness.
Then why am I unable to let go?

Will democracy survive the pandemic?

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will democracy survive the pandemic

November 3rd marks the date of one of the largest acts of democracy – the United States presidential election. However, this cycle presents the unprecedented challenge of a pandemic. How will the country cope? What went wrong in Wisconsin? And most importantly, what can everyone learn from South Korea?

What is a hero without her villain.

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Trigger warning – contains themes of self harm and domestic violence.

The hero was taken aback. Sure, she had hurt him before. Come close to killing him more times than she could count, but crossing that line had never been a part of the plan. After all what is a hero without a villain? The banters, the skirmishes, the fighting – it was all just a game. An elaborate show with a cocky antagonist and an un-deterring protagonist.

What Next?

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whats next

Billions of people are in lockdown. Grocery stores have been swept empty. Medical professionals are forced to make the choice between life and death of unfamiliar people. It all sounds like something from a dystopia, like the stories we read to take a break from reality, but what happens when it becomes the reality? How will our world change?


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“I don’t know and I don’t care, pin it on traditions if you like but let’s just go.”
“You know how I feel about tradition.”
“It’s just peer pressure from dead people” he finished in an exasperated sigh.

Power Play.

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Let’s talk about power. The enticing nature of power and how those in power will do anything to maintain their position. We will look into it using two very opposite but also quite similar examples – the trump impeachment trial and the Putin proposed changes to dynamics within the administration.

Not a monster.

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She whispered barely audibly as she continued to hold the knife in place – “I’ve done monstrous things but that doesn’t make me a monster.”