running out of power

An Update…

A reflection on 2020 and a small update on “Amidst” for the coming months

Hridaya shows up on field

This episode features jack of all trades and master of most athlete – Hridaya Patel. She takes us through her personal journey with sports and talks about how she evolved with it. We also touch upon larger ideas of achievement, effort and the feeling winning brings along with delving into sports culture as a whole and the mentality around female athletes.

Vishvak makes money

Vishvak Logar joins us on the podcast as he shares the process behind turning his obsession for economics into a lucrative, money making scheme. Listen to us talk about his steep learning curve, the literal and figurative highs and lows he faced along with some heavy hitting ideas around patience and failure. He rounds it out by giving words of advice and recommends the books that got him started on this crazy journey.

Anainah writes to visualise possibilities

This time around I was joined by avid singer and dancer, writing aficionado and all around one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet – Anainah Dalal. She talks about visual writing, what it means, what she hopes to achieve with it and subsequently dives into this aspiration of portraying an ideal world, the possibilities it holds. We then move into writing as an art form and discuss the consumption of media, J.K Rowling and creator identity and the extent of its reflection in the art.

Samarth discusses hip-hop culture

Self identifying as a hip-hop junkie, my friend Samarth Jajoo is a hardcore defender of why rap music reigns supreme. We talk about some of the artist he enjoys listening to, touch upon Kanye for president as an idea, discuss sexism in the industry and he reveals the details behind the exceptionally successful

Mahi and the niche sports debacle

Mahi Patel is my five foot hobbit of a friend who is a bigger sports fan than most people give her credit for. Listen to us talk about professional tag (its a legitimate thing I swear), vent about this formula one season, and discuss the general reaction people have when Mahi chips in with random trivia.

Vani paints herself in a new light

Today’s episode features my self proclaimed weirdo of a friend – Vani Agrawal. Listen to us talk about her personal five stages of grief as she discovered her passion for art along with funny quips and new learnings that occurred along the way.

Stuti dances to the beat of her own rhythm

This slightly longer episode features my friend Stuti Iyer. We talk about her extremely personal journey with dance as she shares her insights into both – the world of dance and her own mind. Listen to the fascinating story she tells from dancing because of her South Indian identity to making dancing her identity!