Biden, Harris and hope

The past year has seen America come face to face with a series of events that rocked the very foundations of its democracy. Its struggles with the pandemic, its ever widening partisan divide, the distrust, the misinformation – all of America’s problems, its wounds are out in the open. The question that has to be asked is where does the nation go from here? How will the new presidency pan out?

An Update…

A reflection on 2020 and a small update on “Amidst” for the coming months

“The Queen’s Gambit” checks all the boxes

Witty, riveting and intensely captivating – “The Queen’s Gambit” may just be the best thing to come out of 2020. What does it do well? What does it lack? This article discusses all that and more as it breaks down the narrative and cinematic components in an attempt to explain why this miniseries is groundbreaking.

What does justice mean?

This Op-Ed and the opinions it contains are courtesy of Mahi Patel, Stuti Iyer and Vani Agrawal.

We look at cases of the past, our legislation and works of literature in an attempt to grasp what is justice when it surrounds the socially delicate matter of rape. How do you get justice for such, physical, mental and emotional corruption?

Understanding Slacktivism

The increasing intertwining of political opinion with public image, especially on social media has prompted the discussion around “Slacktivism”. What is it? Why does it matter? How do we break the cycle to make persistent change? Are just some of the questions we deliberate.

Rape Culture Analysed

This Op-Ed and the opinions it contains are courtesy of Aaryana Jani and Hridaya Patel.

How did the idea of rape get so intricately embedded in our skin and veins that our blood doesn’t boil when we hear about it? These questions are hard to answer, not only because the questions are deep and thought-provoking, but also because there are so many things to say. From popular media to the way we are brought up, we discuss just some of the implicit everyday interactions with rape culture to better understand how it begins.

Empty promises in diversity – a reality

Bon Appetit – a major food media company – recently came under the scrutiny of the internet after it was revealed that they were significantly underpaying employees based on race. As the pandora’s box unraveled, the toxic work place culture and sexist, racist and, homophobic views of top officials also came to light. Since then the company has apparently under gone major changes. This article looks into new facts, corporate hypocrisy and sheer mismanagement that has led to the downfall of one of the most popular youtube channels in the food space.

Will democracy survive the pandemic?

November 3rd marks the date of one of the largest acts of democracy – the United States presidential election. However, this cycle presents the unprecedented challenge of a pandemic. How will the country cope? What went wrong in Wisconsin? And most importantly, what can everyone learn from South Korea?

What Next?

Billions of people are in lockdown. Grocery stores have been swept empty. Medical professionals are forced to make the choice between life and death of unfamiliar people. It all sounds like something from a dystopia, like the stories we read to take a break from reality, but what happens when it becomes the reality? How will our world change?

Power Play.

Let’s talk about power. The enticing nature of power and how those in power will do anything to maintain their position. We will look into it using two very opposite but also quite similar examples – the trump impeachment trial and the Putin proposed changes to dynamics within the administration.

Is Apoliticism Real?

Polarizing topics have the tendency to creep into conversations, be it at the dinner table or in a science class, and people usually have one of three stances – for, against and the ever elusive “no opinion”.
This post will not be discussing the NRC and the CAA but rather – Is it possible to be apolitical? And what does it mean to be apolitical?