What can you learn from ancestry tests?

In this essay on direct-to-consumer genetic testing, we explore the types of ancestry tests, what we can learn from them and how they differ from the traditional understanding of self.

The Giver

Not completely in the realm of science fiction, the giver is an interesting case. While revolving around a futuristic society the book focuses primarily on futuristic family structures and social interactions – and not really on how the residents enjoy the new technologies of the future. However easy it is to classify this book as “dystopian”, some very interesting moral and scientific implications are discussed.


Artemis is a book by Andy Weir set on the lunar surface. It is an of Earth colony featuring people from all walks of life including a Saudi Arabian Smuggler/Moon Walker-in-training, the main lead. Apart from its incredibly diverse range of characters and their interesting dynamics, the book also feature several scientific “facts” to make the plot come together. The question is, are they possible?

Amidst Adderall

Ever since its release, Adderall has been this magic fix it solution for students everywhere, but how/why does it work?
This short segment covers everything from what the drug does to the brain to its very interesting list of side effects as it attempts to answer the age old question – “does Adderall make you smarter?”

The Martian

Mark Watney is a “space pirate” who figures out a way to survive on a barren planet, cool plot right. See how it stands up to science in a post where we discuss everything from the weather to ion engines.