Vani paints herself in a new light

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Running out of power ep-4

Here is episode four of “Running out of power” a podcast where I interview people about things that keep them “recharged”, but stop as soon as my recording device dies.

Today’s episode features my self proclaimed weirdo of a friend – Vani Agrawal. Listen to us talk about her personal five stages of grief as she discovered her passion for art along with funny quips and new learnings that occurred along the way.

As for my own take, this episode taught me a lot on the technical side of things. First rule, the guest should never wear AirPods! They seriously mess with the sound quality. However, content wise the podcast is finding its flow and (I think?) I did a better job on getting the guest familiar with the format.

Anyways, as always I hope you enjoy the episode 🙂

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