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Running out of Power - Episode 7

Here is episode seven of “Running out of power” a podcast where I interview people about things that keep them “recharged”, but stop as soon as my recording device dies.

This time around I was joined by avid singer and dancer, writing aficionado and all around one of the nicest people I have had the pleasure to meet – Anainah Dalal. She talks about visual writing, what it means, what she hopes to achieve with it and subsequently dives into this aspiration of portraying an ideal world, the possibilities it holds. We then move into writing as an art form and discuss the consumption of media, J.K Rowling and creator identity and the extent of its reflection in the art.

Personally, the sound was much cleaner (though plenty of improvement is still required) and the conversation flow was better mitigated from my end. We did face internet issues, with the guest logging off at points and I am hoping this pandemic ends sooner rather than later so that its safe to record these in person.

A very busy last semester of school means that this podcast is going to go through a period of irregularity, though I promise at-least one episode per month, if not two.

As always, I hope you enjoy the episode 🙂

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