Sunsets and storms.

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sunsets and storms

I know that even the strongest trees can be struck by lightning,

I know that even the sturdiest of boats can fall to the raging sea,

That picturesque sunsets are also shadowed by darkness.

Then why am I unable to let go?

Then why do I keep waiting for things that aren’t coming back?

Instead, I resent the lightning that strikes at random,

Hate the sea that tames for no one,

Despise the darkness for washing away colours.

But at the same time, I see myself in them.

As lightening that flairs up without warning,

As the sea that creates waves of misery,

As the dark that dulls everything it touches.

Why do I keep fighting with myself?

Why do I keep waiting?

Because maybe, just maybe it’s not my fault after all.

I don’t resent lightening,

Just scared of the thunder that comes with it.

I don’t hate the sea,

Just sailors who don’t respect it.

I don’t despise the darkness,

Just clouds that obscure the stars.

Lightening helps feed the soil.

The sea can be calm.

Darkness does lull us to sleep.

So I should stop reminiscing for what is gone,

The trees, the ship and that sunset.

And look at what is left,

The beauty that it holds.

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