running out of power

Running out of power – ep 3

This slightly longer episode features my friend Stuti Iyer. We talk about her extremely personal journey with dance as she shares her insights into both – the world of dance and her own mind. Listen to the fascinating story she tells from dancing because of her South Indian identity to making dancing her identity!

Running out of power – ep 2

This time I was joined by another friend – Aaryana Jani. We talked about her love for stories, the intricacies of an ethical war and how she shapes alternative points of view in the Mahabharata. If niche historical references and astral projecting as a stage of grief are your thing, this one is for you!

Running out of power – ep 1

On this episode I was joined by my friend Khoi and we strike conversation about his extensive history with travel. Starting from traveling around Asia to find a school, to how amazing Bali is and being star struck by New York City.