Aaryana analyses the Mahabharata

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Running out of power ep-2

Here is episode two of “Running out of power” a podcast where I interview people about things that keep them “recharged”, but stop as soon as my recording device dies.

This time I was joined by another friend – Aaryana Jani. We talked about her love for stories, the intricacies of an ethical war and how she shapes alternative points of view in the Mahabharata. If niche historical references and astral projecting as a stage of grief are your thing, this one is for you!

As for my own progress in the podcasting department, this week holds mixed results. On one end the setup of remote recording and outline of the general conversation went much better. The interview flowed more naturally and we were able to begin on time. On the other hand, due to some technical issue my voice track was merged with Aaryana’s which made editing a lot more difficult than it should have been. There are 2 distinct parts where my own voice seems a bit too edited in. If there is any silver lining at-least I got better accustomed with the software.

All that being said, for next time I for sure need to fix this recording issue and continue working on being a better interviewer. As always, let’s see how it goes 🙂

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