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Hi everyone,

Its Hiya from the writers chair and I just wanted to do a quick check-in considering it has been over a year since I started working on Amidst.

Firstly, in December alone, we hit a 1k reads and got 700 visitors from all over the world (India, United States, Germany, Thailand among many others) which is insane to me! I have always said that the aim of this page was to get “someone, somewhere thinking” and I hope my words have got you questioning something. 

All that being said, I am writing to inform that posts will be a little less regular till March. I am currently preparing for my final senior secondary leaving examinations coming this February and have sort of blocked out everything. 

“Running Out of Power” is on hiatus till March after which I am aiming for 2 episodes a month and possibly venturing out to external podcast streaming services as well. AmidstPost, Flash-Fiction and Science/Fiction will still have new content but at longer intervals than before. The plan is to get out one post on each of the pages by the end of January before I go off the grid in February.

Once again, thank you for the continued support and I have loads of exciting stuff planned for 2021. 

Happy Holidays 🙂
Until next time,

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