Intoxicated Ideas.

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a single cup of coffee
half a bottle of wine
two shots of cheap whiskey
or 3 am sugar highs
the drinks flow easy
heavy handed pours
cheeky banter, muffled giggles
who is he?
questions, rumours, secret confessions
flushed cheeks and solemn nods
hush, keep quiet
there is a small voice of reason
another sip, one more round
screw it
love comes cheap
a dozen a dime
at least right now
chiselled jawlines
cryptic posts
the phone gets passed around
almost as fast as the drinks go down
nods of approval  
insincere laughter
silent judgement
give it a month
glassy eyes, unsure footsteps 
mascara stained tears
midnight texts
another profile to stalk
toothy grins, relaxed shoulders 
love costs nothing
and there is always time
for one more drink.

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