End of the line.

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end of the line

I hope that you’ll listen

For I have words to say

To fill this void between us

To tidy this disarray

I’ll start with the broken vases

Pick up the shards of the past

Sharp retorts and names uncalled for 

After all nothing is meant to last

Then I’ll drain the bathtub

of its blood and tears

From fights we don’t remember

and nights spent crying in bed

Fiery syllables seem to make our history

Spite and rage are what we hold in behest

Crude remarks and tones accusatory

These last few months were far from easy

But you and I both have stories

of starry nights and lazy Sunday mornings

When things heating up referred to

bacon, bread and sunny side up eggs

Now its just another fight

after a hectic day of stress

I know we are at the end of the line

Through mascara stained tears

and palms sweaty with panic inducing fear

To you this is my final goodbye

But just know that I am in your corner

till the end of time.

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